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The Spirit of Seven's piano music is meant to encourage all of us to listen to the music we hear deep in our soul urging us to take a risk and follow our dreams. It is an intuitive connection to the purpose in our heart. Be enthusiastic and passionate about all that you do. Remember, the word enthusiasm literally means "the God (enthos) within (iasm)." We each have the seven gifts of the spirit in us and the music from this page is meant to encourage and remind you to use the gifts when you need a lift. We each have a song in our heart guiding us to our dreams in life. Follow your heart's song!
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The Spirit of Seven The Spirit of Seven was created to spread hope, peace, patience, grace, faith, love, and joy to all listeners through the magic of piano music. On this page you will find many inspirational, relaxing, and meditative songs to help you in your journey through life. The music is meant for people of all ages. Babies will love it during nap time, students can listen while they study, families will enjoy the soothing music while sharing their meals, and people that just need a lift will find a gift in each of the songs. We thank you for listening, downloading, and supporting The Spirit of Seven and it's goal to help spread the light of the spirit through the power of music therapy.
Yours faithfully - Michael